The MAA – Platform for Teams in Needs of Coaches


The Moot Alumni Association is delighted to announce that it has established a platform to put in touch with one another: teams who are in need of coaches with professionals who are eager to support the next-generation of practitioners.

Please send an email to [email protected] indicating your interest in being coached by a professional or acting as a coach for schools in need.

Interested teams should include in their email the full name of the university, number of team members, number of current coaches and a contact email.

Interested coaches should include their names and contact email.

Any such information sent to the MAA will be published on our website. By sending the MAA your email request, you consent to the contents of your email being published on the MAA website and circulated by the MAA for this particular purpose.

Kindly note that the MAA is not involved in any part of the remote coaching process other than making it known interested teams and individuals.