The MAA – Digital Edition Award Dr. Joseph Schwartz Award


The Moot Alumni Association (“MAA“) is delighted to bring to your attention the relaunch of the MAA’s longstanding Award on Academic Excellence and Party Condition (Digital Version), also known as the Dr. Joseph Schwartz Award.

One of the unique and dynamic experiences during each Vis Moot season is the ability to engage and to interact with teams, professionals and other individuals from across the globe. The ability to do this has changed in the past couple of years, but this year the MAA hopes to encourage students a new way to engage in this critical part of the Vis Moot experience.

The Moot Alumni Association is proud to present: The Dr. Joseph Schwartz Award (Digital Edition)

Who can Participate: Teams competing in the Vis or Vis East Moots. (One competition for each location)

What is this Award about: A social competition encouraging teams to schedule calls with other teams in the competition and to host cultural events to foster a virtual sense of community during the Moot.

When will the determination for the Award take place: From now until 14 April 2022 (the last day of the Vienna Vis Moot).

How to submit your team for the Award:  By providing documentation (usually screenshots) of the calls and pursuant to the 2022 Schwartz Award Rules.  Submissions will be submitted pursuant to a link to be provided by the MAA.

Please see the attached PDF for further details as well as the Rules and Guidelines.

For any questions, please contact the MAA via email: [email protected]